We Provide Window Repair & Replacement in Fairbanks, AK

We'll brighten your world

Making the right glass and window selections for any project sounds like a simple proposition, but when you start comparing all the different options, it can become quite daunting! At Fairbanks Paint & Glass in Fairbanks, AK, we have the ability to steer you towards glass and window solutions that work for you. Come and see our expert glaziers today, and you'll be amazed at what we can do. We can perfectly match styles to complement the decor you already have! Just ask us for more details.

The best brands

At our store in Fairbanks, you'll find that we supply on the very best brands in the glass and window industry. We believe that to achieve the best results you have to start with a passion and love for the work. We proudly stand behind each of the products we sell, otherwise, we wouldn't put it on our shelves. Here at Fairbanks Paint & Glass, we believe in quality first.

The most options

In addition to finding the right sizes, you want to be sure that the windows you choose are the right style. This is why at our Fairbanks store we stock an impressive selection of custom windows to suit your particular needs. From transparent to translucent windows and everything in between, our windows will bring light and ambience to your home.

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Selecting the best windows and brands won't get you far if you don't know how to install them. A common mistake many people make is getting the best windows and glass and improperly installing it. Here at Fairbanks Paint & Glass in Fairbanks, we won't let you do that. Our team knows which windows work the best with the corners, layout and dimensions of your home. Come see us and we'll take care of all of your glass and window needs.

Image taken after a window replacement in Fairbanks, AK
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